Participate in GAP Factory Store Survey to get discounts

This article has been created to help you take the GAP Factory Store Survey. If you live in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland or Japan then you are eligible to take the GAP Factory Store Survey. This survey helps GAP Factory to take in your feedback and make your shopping experience better for next time. Thus if you have recently shopped at GAP Factory then take the GAP Factory Store Survey now and contribute to making your shopping at GAP experience better.

About GAP Factory Store Survey

GAP is a world-renowned American apparel brand. It was founded in 1969 and today they have around more than 4,000 stores around the world. GAP provides high quality American fashion at a reasonable price. Apart from clothes for men, women and children they also sell accessories and other fashion items.

How to take the GAP Factory Store Survey

To take the GAP Factory Store Survey you must firstly have an electronic device like computer, laptop etc. You should also have access to internet and be of an eligible age to take the survey. Make sure that before starting the survey you have your recent receipt of shopping at GAP store. After this follow these quick and easy steps to take the GAP Factory Store Survey:

  1. Open your web browser and go this link
  2. Amongst the country and language options given, select the one that you qualify for.
  3. Next in the space provided enter the time, date, transaction number, register number and the store number that you visited. You can find these details on your GAP receipt.
  4. Answer the other required questions on the screen and start your survey.
  5. After that answer all the feedback questions asked.
  6. Once you are done submit the survey.


For completing the survey you can get various discounts and other perks from the GAP. You can use these offers on your next shopping trip to GAP.


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